Floral wedding cards have always been a popular type of cards for inviting the guest to the wedding event. Traditionally, these floral wedding cards are printed with the images of different flowers of differing colors and sizes. Some floral cards are printed upon the wedding standard cardboard which is recognized globally. Now latest trend is to print the floral images of the flowers upon the wedding cards as the water marks.

The printing of the bails of the flowers in beautiful, shining, bright, glowing and sparkling colors is a novelty in the wedding cards printing. In other cases, the corners or sides of the wedding cards are printed with the beautiful bails which are printed in different color combinations. These smaller bails of different species of flowers make the wedding cards presentable and beautiful. 

These floral wedding cards are the latest type of the printing technology which works as the floral images in the background. These background images are normally printed in the grey color or light black color so as to allow the printing of the text upon them to make it prominent one. These floral images are smaller in size and then many other details are printed upon them.

In most of the cases, the inner pages are not printed with the images of flowers like the water marks but are left blank. When the bails are printed around the text, corners of the sides of the wedding card, the inner space is left vacant where the necessary text or the invitation message can be printed. In some cases, just one flower of bigger side is printed upon front page of the wedding card while leaving the remaining the space for the details. For the inner pages, the same pattern is followed.