If you are thinking of presenting the wedding favor as unique gift to wedding couple, the customized phone cover may be the best wedding favor. The phone cover, an item of continuous usage and gift of all time usage, is the latest and most popular type of wedding favor. In the state of the art technological and mobile era, the smartphones and the other mobile devices are a thing of continuous usage in the hands of the ordinary people. Mobile phone remains in the hands of the user for almost whole the day in majority of the leisure and profession time. So, the printed phone covers as wedding favor are the best gift, one can give to the wedding couple as gift or along with the other gift items.
These printed phone covers are, mostly, made with the clear and transparent plastic, Polyurethane, Polycarbonate, Carbon Fiber, Wood or organic or artificial leather. For the presentation as the gift item on the occasion of the wedding, the high quality organic leather is mostly liked. The customized phone covers can be printed with the image/photos of the wedding couple, the bride and bride groomor the names of the wedding couple. But, the printing of the photos of the wedding couple are highly desirable task which leaves the ever lasting impact of the gift upon the wedding favor receiver. For the printing of the image upon the phone covers, the real life color combinations are applied whereas for the printing of the text bright, sharp, glowing or sparkling color may be used.
For the printing of the text or photos, the globally applied screen printing is applied. In some cases, the ordinary printing technique may be applied as well.