Printed Mugs, with the photos of wedding couple, are one of the best wedding favors which are given as the gift on the sweet occasion of wedding event. These printed mugs are used for the various occasion but normally in daily use for drinking tea or coffee, they are a regular reminder of the sweet moments of wedding event. Generally, these mugs are packed inside the gift box which are presented to the wedding couple.

These mugs, presented as wedding favors, are printed, differently, depending upon the choice of the gift presenter. Most frequently, the mugs are printed the images of the wedding couple or the date of the wedding event. Sometimes, most of the mugs are printed with the photo, date and names of bride and bride groom. The most preferable photos for the printing upon the mugs are those from the wedding day or with the wedding couple in wedding design.

For the printing of the mugs, the plain, white or mugs of same color are used while in other cases, the designed mugs are used to print. For the printing of the photos or text, the screen printing technique is applied. For the printing of the photos, the real life color combinations are applied while for the printing of the names and other details, the bright and shining colors with sparkling and glowing nature are applied. In most of the situations, the CMYK basic colors are not utilized as bright and shining colors are required; rather preferred for the purpose.

These images of the wedding couples are redesigned for the purpose of the printing upon the mugs. The most of the designs are frames of different shapes and colors and are used to decorate the photos of the wedding couple.