Printed pillows as wedding favors is an old but still popular favor idea. These printed pillows are presented as a token of love devotion among the wedding couple. These wedding favors are printed with the names of the wedding couple, i.e. bride and bridegroom and followed by or joined by the different quotes, such as, ‘I love you’ or so on. In other cases, the photos of the bride and bride groom are printed upon the printed pillows.

The printed pillows, to be presented as the wedding couple, are made with very beautiful, fine and high-priced fabric and with different shapes. The choice of the color depends upon the color combination or photos of the wedding couple. In normal situations, the white color is preferred but in other situations, the different color fabric may be used.

For the printing of the photos, the real life and natural color combinations are applied but for the printing of the text the bright, sharp, dense or high resolution colors may be applied. In some cases, the photos of both the bride and bride groom are printed upon one side of the pillow with text upon the other side. Alternatively, one side of the pillow will be printed with photo of one wedding couple while the other side will be printed with the photo and names of the other wedding couple.

These printed pillows are printed as the wedding favor along with the other gifts in the gift pack. These gift boxes or packs along with the printed pillows are either presented as complimentary as free or are provided at the nominal price by the gift shops. When some of the gift shops use such wedding favors for the advertising or promotion of their shop, these may be printed with the logo, name or names of services upon the wedding favors.