Traditional wedding cards are still printed upon the typically old style; with same old design, text style and the images but when they are printed upon some foil material, they are treated as the luxury wedding cards. The foiled material, used for the orienting of the wedding cards may be high priced, such as, Gold or Silver or may be other low priced material. The luxury cards may be printed for some special people to invite them to the wedding function or are printed for the general guests.   

When the Gold foiled material is used for the printing of the traditional wedding cards, they are justly high priced. For the very fine styled printing upon the Gold or Silver foiled material, the world popular screen printing technique is applied. These traditional wedding cards, printed upon gold or silver foiled material are printed with the bright, sharp, sparkling or glowing color combinations but in most of the cases, the contrasting color combinations are applied. The gold and silver foiled wedding cards are embossed or debossed in order to give touch of extra luxury.

In some case, the foiled wedding cards are printed upon the differing material, such as, the outer layer may be of foiled material but internal pages may consist of thin and fine quality of cardboard.The envelopes may also be made with the foiled material to give luxury impressions of style and extravagant. For the details of the program and event, the internal pages are used.