The classical white English wedding cards are becoming more and more popular even among the people who love Eastern and Asian Culture. But, these white English wedding cards are now becoming more and more popular with some innovation, i.e. for the printing of the Asian or Eastern styled wedding cards, English language is being used. The change and adaptation of the English culture by the Eastern or Asian minded people has brought a pleasant and beautiful change in the wedding cards and even in the wedding events and ceremonies.

Now, the typical style of white English cards has been adopted for the printing of the Asian or Eastern Culture. This change is being liked by some of the Western cultured people who are also liking and adopting the change. The preference of the Asian styled two-paged card with the Asian styled images of the Eastern or rural area wedding events are followed but their language of text has been changed to the English.

Some of the designers have also printed the calligraphic images upon the one or two-pages white English wedding cards which have touched the skies of the popularity. With the amalgamation of design of white English wedding cards into the design of two paged traditional or Asian wedding cards has been done when the title of the front page of the cards is being printed in English while the image upon the title page has been changed to from the typical Western to the Asian one.

The remaining characteristics of the Asian or Eastern wedding cards are almost same, as in previous one, except the major change of language to announce the details of the program are English language. All the other printing techniques, such as, the images, the text, the cardboard or the color combinations are also being adopted in the white English wedding cards.