Wedding Cards

Wedding cards a traditional way of inviting the guests to the wedding ceremony of the both bride and bride grooms. Their usage as the wedding invitation cards solves many issues of invitation, such as, the program announcement, the names of the marrying couple, the names of props and the wedding program details. The spectrum of thousands of wedding cards online designs are available for the props, parents and the wedding couple to choose the most suitable and the appropriate one for the purpose.

The selection of wedding invitation designs depends upon the choice of props, the cultural inheritance of the props and wedding couple and above all, available budget. Some of these wedding cards are personalized wedding cards which are printed, particularly for the family and close relatives, to invite them to the wedding function.

The custom wedding invitations can be chosen, specifically for the event. For the purpose, the card material, the images upon the wedding cards, the fonts and the color combinations for the printing of the cards; all can be chosen, separately. The cardboard for the printing of the wedding cards, selected for the purpose, is high quality, glazed, smooth, textured, self-designed, colored, or the white. For the purpose of the high priced and luxury styled wedding cards, the gold or silver foiled material may also be used. In other situations, the gold or silver colored cardboard may also be used to print the wedding cards.

Wedding card design is of prime importance in the wedding cards printing. Again; the color selection for the printing depends upon the props and designers. For the classical and traditional wedding cards, the golden, silver or the red color is mostly used for the printing of images or the text. The embossing, debossing and other printing techniques to beautify the text are commonly used. Few props or designers prefer the usage of the sharp, bright and the  sparkling color combinations for the printing of the wedding cards.